Wednesday, March 7, 2012

DJ SLT - Rain Storm EP

If you haven't heard of DJ SLT, you have to be living in a cave. KFAI's own DJ SLT has recently released an EP of original music titled Rain Storm.

It is three tracks of experimental ambient music. There are three versions: original, static, and battlefield. The music isn't exactly geared for radio but that is just fine with me. This is atmospheric, mood music especially on a cold, bleary, rainy night (so well appropriately titled). Turn off the lights and the music takes on a whole new life. It is very unsettling and I mean that in a good way. All three tracks are layered with sounds that ranges from hypnotic droning to subtle static. Every time I have listened to each song, I always pick up on a new sound, beat, rhythm or noise. I enjoyed Rain Storm EP immensely. This is just an appetizer to what to come from the KFAI's own DJ SLT.

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