Friday, August 9, 2013

My 10 current favorite albums

10. Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds - Push the Sky Away

09. Kirlian Camera - Black Summer Choirs

08. Marsheaux - Lumineux Noir

07. Nitro/Noise - Total Nihilism

06. Die Braut - Psychotherapy

05. Ayria - Plastic Makes Perfect

04. Tristania - Darkest Whites

03. Moonlight Cove - Hearts of the World

02. Absolute Grrrrls Manifesto Chapter 1

01. Cyferdyne - Genesys

Still digging the Nitro/Noise album I got a few weeks ago. It is loud and aggressive. I recently ordered Genesys by Cyferdyne from Vendetta Records again. Love the album. Good mix of clean and harsh vocals. Love the latest Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds album. I really should get my own copy. I have to return the library copy this weekend. Also been listening a lot of the Absolute Grrrrls Manifesto compilation lately. There is some kick ass tracks.  Thanks to the compilation, I have gotten into the gothic metal band Tristania. I adore their new album Darkest Whites.  That album has been getting lots of airplay at work.

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