Wednesday, August 28, 2013

My top 10 current favorite songs

Lately I have been listening to a playlist I made on youtube at work. The songs I have on it is a mix bag of synthpop, country, classical, and pop music. Here are my ten favorite songs that I love listening to on my playlist.

10. Nordika - Contradiccion

09. Erotic Elk - Rest in Pieces

08. Delta Rae - Dance in the Graveyard

07. Opera Babes - Ode to Joy

06. Vanguard -In Your Arms

05. Soil and Eclipse - Time Forms

04. From Up On Poppy Hill theme song Kokurikozaka kara

03. Noyce - This World

02. Future Trail - Patience

01. Carla Maffioleti - Gesu Bambino

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