Thursday, December 17, 2015

Best of 2015: After It All by Delta Rae

There aren't a lot of rock/pop bands (if any at all) that I like but I totally dig the North Carolina band Delta Rae. Their first album Carry the Fire is a classic and gets regular play at home and at work. Their song "Bottom of the River" was the song that introduced me to the band but it was "Dance in the Graveyards" that made me love them. I knew when it was time for the band to put out a new album, it would be hard to match the beauty of the first album.

Initially I was right when After It All first came out. The first time I listened to After It All, I really wasn't sure what to make of it. None of the songs were like "Dance in the Graveyards" or "Holding On to Good". Regardless of my initial reaction, I continued to listen to the album and over time I grew to love the album especially tracks such as "Run" and "You're the one For Me". The harmonies on this album is as consistent and good as they were on Carry the Fire which is really the band's greatest strengths. While there is nothing shocking or provocative about this band, their music is excellent and well executed. Why they are not more well known is beyond me. Delta Rae is definitely an overlooked band in my book.

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