Saturday, December 26, 2015

Concerts of 2015

I didn't go out to shows this much this year as I have in previous years because I had made trips to Chicago and because I was just getting rather burned out on going to shows. What shows I did see this year were pretty great. Here are highlights of 2015 for me.

2:54 with Honeyblood at 7th St Entry

Girl Germs Live Tribute Show (January/December 2015)
goth_maven's Girl Germs Live Tribute Concert Series album on Photobucket

Seabound with Architect and Endless Blue at Amsterdam Bar and Hall
goth_maven's Seabound with Architect  at Amsterdam Bar and Hall album on Photobucket

Freezepop at The Nether Bar
goth_maven's Freezepop at The Nether Bar album on Photobucket

Angel Haze at The Nether Bar

Rock the Garden 2015 (for the reunited Babes in Toyland)

Covenant with The Labrynth
goth_maven's Covenant with The Labrynth album on Photobucket

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