Friday, December 11, 2015

Best of 2015: A Color For Fiction by Invocation Array

If you haven't heard of Invocation Array, you have now. To get an idea who IA is, this is from their Facebook page:

"Invocation Array is an epic story-driven electronic music duo consisting of extraterrestrial musicians, Cerys and Kailani. After studying Earth from afar and developing an interest, they dived into what would be the most progressive medium in order to assist and learn from the species they’re passionate about. Combining elements of fantasy and technology, reflecting on human endeavors, Invocation Array uses curiosity and fearlessness to discover and present truths, inspiring and evoking progressive action, evolving through communication and diversity."

The band consists of two members: Adrianne Grady and Kaia Young. I became aware of this new project from Kaia because I am big fan of her other project The Luna Sequence.  Earlier this year Invocation released their debut album A Color For Fiction. The music is quite similar to The Luna Sequence, the only difference is there are vocals. Another release I recommend my readers to check out.

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