Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Best of 2015: Dark Matter by SPC ECO

December is here once again! Like for the past two years, for the entire month of December I will be talking about most, if not all of my favorite albums that came out in 2015 just before I post my official best of list. Tonight I will start off with the album Dark matter by SPC ECO.

SPC ECO features ex-Curve guitarist Dean Garcia and his wife Rose Berlin along with various other artists/friends who have collaborated with them on their music. I discovered SPC ECO via Facebook over the summer and when I saw that Dean Garcia was involved in the project I knew right away I had to check out this project. I went into listening to SPC ECO's music to not expect another Curve which was a smart move. The results was pure bliss. The music is a mix of dreampop, electronica, and trip hop. Excellent album which I definitely  recommend checking out. Right now you can get the album on vinyl or CD at Saint Marie Records. This is just a limited offer to if you are like me and like to own a physical copy of music, get it now!

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