Saturday, March 5, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

Ryan Adams: 1989

This weekend I discovered that Ryan Adams did release his version of 1989 on CD. Being a big fan of the album and constantly listening to it on either youtube or Spotify, I immediately bought the album. Asides from the mediocre to atrocious lyrics by Taylor Swift (sorry but Taylor Swift is overrated and really isn't as good of an artist as many might think she is especially when it comes to music awards), I think Ryan does a fantastic job of transforming Taylor's music into music more organic and earthy. The lyrics still annoys me though. Taylor is an adult. She is not a teenager any more.

Tracy Chapman: Greatest Hits

I have been listening to Tracy Chapman's greatest hits cd for the past couple of weeks. I had checked it out from the library a couple of weeks ago. Today I finally bought my own copy. I have always liked her music when she first came out but I really was more into heavier music. Now that I am in my 40s, I have come to appreciate Tracy's music more so especially after I started listening to her greatest hits compilation. Listening to Tracy sing is like putting on my favorite pair of fuzzy pajama pants before bed. Her voice is so warm and comforting to listen to . I will say this I still do not like "Give Me One Reason". That song has been played to death. It is one of the few songs that radio has killed any enjoyment I got out of listening to it.

School of Seven Bells: SVIIB

SVIIB is my current favorite album at the moment. I have been listening to it on my phone or on Spotify constantly. I did pick up the CD version today when I went to The Electric Fetus. It is a solid album from start to finish. In the past I haven't been a huge fan of their music, did like some songs but not all. I find it ironic that the one album that I dig the most by the band is their final album. It does not happen very often when I can tell that the album is going to be great just by the first track but that is the case here.

The Jezabels: Synthia

One of my favorite albums I have saved on Spotify. Just love listening to it whenever I get the opportunity. That is another album I will need to buy the CD format of so I can listen to it at home on my stereo (as well as at work).

Blutengel: Nemesis - Best of and Reworked

I think this is one of those albums that I will most likely buy digitally than buy the CD format. The album isn't bad but just not worth spending the price of imports. The new versions of the Blutengel classics are just okay in my book. Definitely prefer the original versions. I suppose the band did not want to put out just a typical best of collection hence the reworkings of their music. For me, reworking the songs just felt forced.

Seize: The Other Side Of Your Mind

One thing I love about Spotify is that I can stream music that I always wanted to hear but never got around to buying for various reasons, this is the case with Seize's The Other Side of Your Mind. I remember hearing one of the songs off The Other Side of Your Mind on a compilation years ago and enjoying the heck out of it. Just never got around to buying the album. It is probably a good thing I hadn't because while I like some of the songs on the album, I really wasn't entirely crazy about it. I probably need to listen to it a few more times to let the music grow on me.

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