Saturday, March 12, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

I have to admit hip hop/rap music is really growing on me. Still think there still is a lot of garbage in the scene (i.e anyone involved in that trash series Love and Hip Hop, heard some of the artists from that show and it was awful). Right now I am digging old Public Enemy especially Fear of a Black Planet. I love how in your face the lyrics are as well as Chuck D's booming voice. Considering today's political climate, this album as well as Public Enemy remains timeless and relevant as ever.

Not a bad album but I still prefer the originals over the reworked versions.

I can not stop listening to the new Kitten EP. It is so damn good. Great pop hooks and lyrics. Too bad Kitten is not passing through the Twin Cities on her spring tour and I can't get to Chicago on the dime.

Filofobiais one of those albums that I didn't take to when it first came out but later on find myself enjoying the music a lot more.

My favorite soundtrack as well as one of my favorite films which I just watched tonight. I do recommend watching this film. My favorite character is Snow Wolf who was just so tragic.

I have yet to get sick and tired of this album. I just love Ryan Adams' interpretations of Taylor Swift's album.

Also listening to (but the albums aren't on Spotify): Taylor Swift's 1989 and Adele's 25. Out of curiosity, I had to request Taylor Swift's album from the library (like hell I wasn't going to spend my money on a download of the album) just to compare the original with Ryan Adams' version. I think we all know which version I like 100x more and it isn't the original version. I already have posted my opinions of what I think of Taylor Swift's music so I won't regurgitate them again here.

Regarding Adele's 25, I honestly liked it more than I probably should.  Love Adele's first album 19, didn't care for 21, but now I am back to liking Adele again with her latest album. I especially love the track "Remedy".  I initially hated the song "Hello" when it first came out but funny thing is that over time the song has grown on me. Between 1989 (the original version) and 25, 25 is a much better pop album.

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