Wednesday, March 16, 2016

My Favorite Albums From the '90s: Oceanborn by Nightwish

Of all the albums by Nightwish during the Tarja years, Oceanborn is easily my favorite album. It wasn't the first Nightwish album I had heard (that honor goes to Oceanborn). From what I have read, the band's first album Angels Fall First was more of an accident and not really meant to have been released as a proper album. As a result from that album, the band took a different and more ambitious turn and the results was Oceanborn.

I discovered Nightwish in a magazine which had an advertisement for Wishmaster which piqued my curiosity and I ended up ordering a copy online. The rest is history. I became fan immediately. I enjoyed Wishmaster but as soon as I heard Oceanborn, that album really blew Wishmaster away. I just felt that the music was overall better than on Wishmaster. After all these years, I can always thrown in Oceanborn and enjoy the album from start to finish.

On a final note, last year I went to Chicago to see Nightwish on their first half of their North American tour and got to see Floor Jansen sing a couple of songs from Oceanborn. She definitely nailed it and proved to be the perfect singer for the band in the present moment. Floor sounded amazing when she covered the songs.

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