Saturday, December 3, 2016

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to



I have been listening to some interesting music lately. Recently came across this rad futurepop group called In Good Faith. They remind me of De/Vision and CHROM. Check them out! New In Strict Confidence album The Hardest Heart dropped yesterday. It is freaking good. Out of curiosity, I took a listen to the new Leaves' Eyes album King of Kings. I still hate the way the band treated Liv Kristine by kicking her out of the band ala Theatre of Tragedy. The new singer is by no means Liv but she is a pretty good singer. The album is actually good although the songs could have used some serious editing (i.e too long) but the band just isn't the same without Liv. Also yesterday the new Blutengel single "Complete" was released. For once I actually preferred the remix version (by Massive Ego) over the original version. Still not a bad song. Believe it or not I am loving The Hamilton Mixtape. There is some really great music on the album.

I know it is the first week of December but I couldn't help but create a Christmas playlist. It is a work in progress. Earlier this week I created a playlist for work. Perfect playlist to motivate me. This week I also discovered that Loreena McKennitt has her music up on Spotify so naturally I put together a playlist to chill at home or enjoy on the way home from work.

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