Monday, December 26, 2016

My Favorite Concerts of 2016

I can't believe that 2016 is coming to an end. It has been a fantastic year for me when it comes to concerts. Here are my favorite concerts I have attended this year.

01. Lush at The Vic Theatre

Hands down my favorite concert of 2016. I never got to see Lush in the '90s so the band's September show in Chicago was a definitely not a show to be missed. I am so glad I went since the band's reunion proved to be brief. For a sold out show, it was so refreshing to not have some asshole up in my personal space like at the January show at First Avenue for Babes in Toyland. Most of Lush's set consisted of music from Split, Gala, and Blind Spot. Only "Ladykillers" from the much aligned Lovelife (which I personally enjoyed) was played live. Tamaryn was an excellent opening act for Lush.

02. Belly at The Vic Theatre

Before I saw Lush in September, I got the opportunity to see Belly in Chicago (since I would be in Chicago for Lush when Belly played First Avenue). This was definitely the best weekend ever for me. I was ecstatic when I heard that Belly would be playing The Vic while I was in Chicago. That was a no brainer. This tour was all about Belly. They had two sets and no opening act. I was not disappointed. The band played all of my favorite songs from Star and King.

03. Sleigh Bells at The Fine Line

I admit, I am not crazy about the band's recordings (except for Jessica Rabbit, their latest effort). I believe that the recordings don't do the band any justice. I saw the band over Labor Day weekend and the band completely blew me out of their water. Their live act proved that I was right that their recordings really don't capture the band's essence. They are noisy and heavy as fuck live.

04. Garbage at the Skyway Theatre

Garbage can really do no wrong. Their live shows is always electrifying to watch. The band played a lot of old and new songs. I preferred the older songs over their new album to be perfectly honest. This was my first time at the Skyway Theatre. I know some people aren't fans of the venue but I didn't hate it. I would probably go there again if the right opportunity comes around.

05. Ayria with Inertia at The Nether Bar

I have seen Ayria about five times and I have yet to see a bad performance from the band. Jennifer Parkin and company is always a blast to watch and dance to their music. Inertia was a great opening act.

06. Strap On Halo at Club Underground

I am more of an industrial/synthpop fan but this was a great show. Really enjoyed the hell out of seeing Strap On Halo as well as local bands Autumn and Principality.

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