Thursday, December 22, 2016

My Current Favorite Songs

It has been a good week for new music for me. This week I realized that Covenant has a new album called The Blinding Dark. I have only listened to it once so I really can't give my final judgement on the album. On my first of two days off from work, I decided to use a bit more of my Visa gift card from work and bought myself two new albums. I bought Friends by White Lies and Volume II by September Mourning. Both albums are great but I really dig Friends by White Lies. The music is super catchy. I also bought a ticket for their upcoming show at the Cedar Cultural Center in February. Another concert I'll be seeing in February, next to Aesthetic Perfection with Solar Fake. Been listening a lot to CHROM's Peak and Decay album a lot lately. I really like how the band pushes the boundaries of futurepop. There are moments when the music veers into harsh electro but then it abruptly pulls back and returns to its more melodic roots. Their album certainly is going to end up on my annual best of list which I will definitely post after Christmas.

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