Sunday, July 22, 2018

Albums and playlists I am currently listening to

Because of my tattoo appointment on Friday and I didn't post anything that night, I am a day late with this blog entry. I may or may not post this week my usual collection of music I plan on listening to at the funny farm,er, work.

This weekend I spent either listening to Autumn or Nahko and Medicine for the People. Last week, I picked up from the library On The Verge and Hoka (Nahko and Medicine for the People). I became fan of Nahko and Medicine for the People after I bought Nahko's solo album and fell in love with it, which led me to listen to his work with his band. After my father passed away last summer, there really wasn't much music I could listen to, one of the few bands I could stomach listening to (besides Autumn, Nightwish, Hanzel und Gretyl) was Nahko and Medicine for the People. I took great solace in their music. Hoka is my personal favorite album. I will be seeing the band in September when they play The Armory with Dispatch.

Last week I listened to a lot of older music with the exception of Autumn and Hanzel und Gretyl. Almost forgot to mention the soundtrack to The Vietnam War scored by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross. I felt the two did a fantastic job to score the documentary on one of the most complicated wars in American history. Overall, last week I was in a mood for older music apparently. LOL!  I also made a new playlist of music from the Swedish synthpop band Moonlight Cove. I have been listening to that playlist quite a bit along with the other playlists mentioned here.



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