Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Artist of the week: Unter Null

My artist of the week is Unter Null.

Unter Null is one of my top five artists of all time, next to VNV Nation and Ayria. Erica Dunham and company along with the guys in Cyanotic will be stopping in Minneapolis, MN in August. Best part is that through out the tour the bands are offering VIP packages for people to meet the bands. Here is the actual information from the email I got from Unter Null via Facebook:


* Entry into Venue @ Load in where you will be issued your Detox tour VIP Laminate (your tour VIP laminate will get you %10 percent off all merch from both bands)

* Access to set up & sound check followed by a Q&A exclusive to the equipment, production, and live set up, as well as a guided tour of the stage oncesound check has completed

* An exclusive photo opportunity with all of the touring artists and crew in addition to shots of just you with the members of Unter Null and Cyanotic

* An exclusive meet and greet where there will be a one-on-one opportunity for signatures (tour and/or day of show posters will be available for everyone, with the all the signatures of both Unter Null and Cyanotic)

* There will be a special VIP photo taken with the bands, and hosted on the Facebook and Myspace pages of both Unter Null and Cyanotic

* A special first mention in the credits of the 2010 Detox Tour DVD that we are recording over the course of the tour (and more than likely anappearance in it)

* As a DETOX tour VIP, you will also receive a coupon via email which will save you 25% off of the Tour DVD once it released (fall/winter of 2010)

It did not take me very long to decide to buy my package. I just adore Unter Null. I never get tired of listening to the caustic sounds of UN.

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