Friday, June 11, 2010

Top 10 favorite albums of the week

Here are my top ten favorite albums for this week:

10. Cuckoo - Curve

This was my first Curve album I ever bought. I bought it on cassette when I was in high school and bought it on a whim. While Doppelganger remains my favorite Curve album of all time, Cuckoo has a very special place in my heart because it was my first Curve album.

09. Lovelife - Lush

Lovelife is easily my favorite Lush album. I was devastated when I heard that the band's drummer committed suicide in the late '90s which led to the demise of the band. Screw Oasis and Blur. Lush was easily the best Britpop band IMO.

08. The Black Opal - Lisa Gerrard

My good friend Ian sent me a copy of Lisa's latest album. It is wonderful. I love her version of "All Along the Watchtower". I do miss the use of the dulcimer on this album.

07. Mantaray - Siouxsie

I just love Siouxsie's debut solo album. Of course I love just about anything that woman does. She has such distinctive vocals that does not require auto-tune which seems to be a trend in popular music nowadays. It seems to be a rare treat to find an artist whose vocals is so distinctive naturally.

06. A Greater Good - Neuroticfish

This is a great best of compilation of Neuroticfish's music. I wish I had discovered Neuroticfish sooner. This is really great modern synthpop.

05. The Osiris Tree - Protea

I decided to throw in some winter solstice music on to my ipod this week, namely The Osiris Tree, the debut album by Protea (i.e Serena Toxicat). This definitely is not your traditional Christmas music that's for sure. It is reminiscent of Diamanda Galas and an array of Projekt Records artists like Attrition. I almost wish my idiot upstairs neighbor would start blasting his awful house music so I can turn up the song "Black Xmas" for shits and giggles. The song will make any untrained ear bleed.

04. Uber Alles - Hanzel Und Gretyl

I actually got this album for free from Outburn magazine several years ago when they still covered cool synthpop and industrial bands (now they cover shitty heavy metal and emo/punk bands). I was completely blown away by the abrasiveness of Vas Kallas' vocals.

03. Felt Mountain - Goldfrapp

I first heard of Goldfrapp on a now defunct music program on CNN called World Beat. The very second I heard the first few seconds to "Paper Bag", I knew that Goldfrapp was something special. It didn't take me long to order the album online. For me, this is Goldfrapp's best album. While I have enjoyed their follow up albums, nothing beats their debut album. Felt Mountain's music is just plain sexy with its orchestral melodies and laid back electronic grooves. Allison's vocals often reminds me of Shirley Bassey and I mean that in a good way too.

02. The Absence - Luna Mortis

I am still reeling over the fact that Luna Mortis is no more. This was a really great Midwestern heavy metal band whose singer had a ferocious voice not to different from her fellow metal singers in Arch Enemy and Otep. The Absence is their one album and it is killer. It is both heavy and melodic.

And my number one favorite album of the week is...

01. No One Knows About Persian Cats soundtrack

I saw the film last weekend and was really captivated by the music. The story may have been fictional but the 'actors' in the film were all professional musicians. The soundtrack is a mix bag of traditional and modern Persian music. I truly recommend both the film and the soundtrack, or at least the soundtrack. The film is only shown in small independent film theaters for a one week run however you can see it on youtube.

Anyhoo...that is my top 10 favorite albums for this week. Until then, same bat time, same bat channel. LOL!

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