Thursday, June 17, 2010

Project Pitchfork with Ayria and The Trapezoids concert review

Last night I finally got to see two of my favorite industrial bands Project Pitchfork and Ayria. Local band The Trapezoids opened the show.

The Trapezoids

I have to admit I honestly wasn't crazy about them. My beef with synthpop is that the genre has a tendency for being monotonous and The Trapezoids is a perfect example of monotonous synthpop.

Ayria was awesome. I am a huge Ayria fan and she has yet to disappoint me with her live performances.


I tried to video record her live performances of "Bad List" and "Analog Trash" but my camera = epic fail. I did though manage to get "My Revenge On the World". This is definitely better footage than the one I shot last year at Station 4 in Saint Paul (where everyone was sweating like pigs).

After her set and while waiting for Project Pitchfork to go on, I bought her Debris album and got Jennifer Parkin to sign her autograph on an insert in the package. I also got to have my picture taken with Jennifer too. There is a photo of me and her in my album on myspace. Photobucket is being a pain in the ass and it won't show the photo of her and I but rather one of Peter Spilles. UGH! Photobucket is a piece of shit. I think I'll start uploading photos elsewhere than that bitch.

Project Pitchfork went on about 11pm. They were awesome. I still prefer Peter's other project Santa Hates You IMO.

Project Pitchfork

I also got video recorded PP performing my favorite song "Timekiller".

I have a ton of photos up in my photo album from the show on my myspace page.

While I am more of an Ayria fan and prefer Santa Hates You over Project Pitchfork, last night certainly ranks as one of my favorite concerts of this year so far.

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  1. So I am only 2.5 years late seeing this... I'm Ollie, main guy in The Trapezoids. That was a very fun show to play, the headlining bands were awesome (totally blew us off the stage) and really friendly while we were all setting up.
    I freely admit that my band is pretty monotonous, and not very exciting to watch live. Two guys standing behind keyboards twiddling knobs is not what I call an exciting show.