Friday, June 4, 2010

Top 10 favorite albums for the week of 5/30 to 06/04/10

I have decided that every Friday I will post a list of my ten favorite albums of the week. It will be a nice way to close out the week. The album title is italicized.

10. Anthology Archives - Revue Noir
09. Sapphire Solace - Sapphire Solace
08. Deception Island - Bella Koshka
07. Crucifix Powerbomb - Santa Hates You
06. Mantaray - Siouxsie
05. Fire in the Mist - Scarelet Slipping
04. Rise from Grey - Blume
03. Implements of Hell - Suicide Commando
02. Labyrinth - Blutengel
01. The Kill House EP - Syrenn

I have included links to the artist/band's Myspace pages for those interested in hearing their music which I think is worth checking out.

I am proud to say that Bella Koshka and Scarlet Slipping are two local acts from Minneapolis. I have seen Bella Koshka live three times so far. I plan on seeing Scarlet Slipping in July at The Bedlam Theater on the west bank of the  U of M over by the Hiawatha lightrail. I first discovered Bella Koshka in 2008 at The Cruxshadows concert at The Varsity Theater. I was blown away which is rare for me with any local band. I am normally not a fan of my local music scene. Most artists and bands are pretty forgettable but there are some I do enjoy immensely like Bella Koshka.

Scarlet Slipping I found through Myspace (I think through Shinto Records' profile page. It wasn't until I bought Sin-Tech (my favorite Shinto Records compilation) at the last Angels on Acid concert at Ground Zero did I fall under Dawn Wagner's hypnotic vocals. A couple of months ago I bought her album Fire in the Mist at Cheapo Records, that really solidify me as a fan.

The last Blutengel album really was lackluster and the melodies just fell flat with me. My favorite Blutengel cd is by far Labyrinth. I never get sick of "Singing Dead Men" or "Beauty & Delight".

My friend Trace has been a huge influence on my music collection. He suggested that I check out the Italian synthpop band Blume. He said they were so much better than De/Vision. He was right. Blume blows De/Vision out of the water with me. The melodies are much stronger and the vocals are very soulful.

I think it was a year ago that I found Syrenn through Myspace. I was perusing machineKUNT's profile page and came across Syrenn. All I can say is download The Kill House EP. It is an awesome precursor to her full length debut album on machineKUNT records and I have no doubt it will kick ass. Angie reminds me so much of Jennifer Parkin of Ayria and in a very good way.

The rest of the albums I have listed are excellent too. I definitely recommend the latest Santa Hates You album Crucifix Powerbomb. It is a lot of fun to listen to as loud as possible.

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