Friday, May 6, 2011

CD reviews of the week

I recently decided to re-tool my weekly column "What I am Currently Listening to" to something more professional sounding. The title pretty much explains it all.

Thought Thieves: Krista

Krista is the new EP by local stalwarts Thought Thieves. I had the immense pleasure of seeing them perform their new songs last weekend at the nightclub Ground Zero. Krista contains six tracks (5 originals, 1 remix):
01. Krista
02. Remorse
03. Paralyzed
04. Say Goodbye
05. 13
6. Krista - encouraging remix (Heliosphere)

I have been listening to Krista practically non-stop since I got a copy last Friday night. While the cd does not does the band justice in terms of production quality (i.e they sound amazing live in concert), the music definitely makes up for what the production lacks. As good as the band's previous EP All I Pretend is, I found Krista to have better substance. The melodies are infectious to say the very least, especially "Krista" and "Paralyzed". I have had those songs stuck in my head all this week. The lyrics are excellent. I really dug the lyrics for "Krista". There is a sense of melancholy and heartache that comes through in both the lyrics and Michael Johnson's vocals. "Paralyzed" is just a lot of fun to listen to with its catchy hooks and sing-a-long lyrics. While I took to most of the tracks right away, I have to admit the song "13". I initially wasn't crazy about the song because the melodies were not as strong as the other five tracks, but the more I have listened to it I have come to appreciate the song and enjoy it. I certainly recommend checking out Krista either on emusic, bandcamp, or at Cheapo and The Electric Fetus in a heartbeat.

Lolly Pop

Lolly Pop is the self-titled debut album from the Minneapolis band of the same name. It is a nearly 40 minute opus of ridiculously catchy synthpop, disco, and punk music thrown into a blender to create some of the most fun music I have heard in a long time. I bought a copy last weekend at Ground Zero because I am a huge fan of singer Brooke Aldridge. Lolly Pop has been receiving lots of air time at home as well as at work with me. The lyrics through out the album are cheeky and a ton of fun to listen to. The melodies are unbelievably catchy. There is nothing on the album that I did not like. Time just flies by when I put the cd into my boombox.

Solitary Experiments: The Great Illusion

The Great Illusion is a 2 cd box set of SE's first two (now out of print) albums Advance into Unknown and Mind Over Matter. I had discovered Solitary Experiments as of last year when I found their music via youtube. I downloaded their album In the Eye of the Beholder off itunes and was immediately hooked. I recently ordered The Great Illusion with the initial thinking that it was new music but I was wrong. When I saw it was their first 2 cds which included my favorite song "Odyssey of Mind", I was immediately happy.  Advance Into Unknown (2003) is my least favorite of the two I must say. The music lacks the catchy hooks that Mind Over Matter has but nevertheless it is a solid industrial album. I would say that Advance Into Unknown is more industrial while Mind Over Matter is more synthpop. I definitely recommend getting The Great Illusion if you are looking for the group's first two albums.

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