Monday, May 30, 2011

Front Line Assembly with Cyanotic, Dismantled, and DJ? Acucrack

Front Line Assembly with Cyanotic, Dismantled, and DJ? Acucrack

As if you can't tell by my slideshow, last night I went and saw Front Line Assembly with Cyanotic, Dismantled, and DJ? Acucrack at Ground Zero nightclub in Minneapolis. Due to visa issues, Die Krupps was forced to pull out of the tour and in their place was Dismantled. To be honest, I was pleased with the addition of Dismantled because I totally dug what I heard from the clips that I heard on youtube.

The first band that went onstage was the Chicago band Cyanotic. Not really big on drum & bass mixed in with industrial music but I totally enjoyed their set. Their music was more industrial for sure but definitely had a drum and bass flavor to their music. Dismantled followed suit and they totally rocked the house for me. Absolutely LOVED Dismantled. Here is a clip I recorded from their set last night.

I picked up their new album The War Inside Me and it is excellent. I definitely recommmend buying the album especially for fans of aggrotech (which I am a big fan of in recent months). The band's set was highly energetic. Love their keyboardist. She kinda reminded me of Swedish pop singer Robyn.

Up next was DJ? Acucrack. I will be frank, I am not a fan of drum and bass music. His music isn't terrible or bad per say but it just isn't my cup of tea. This was my second time I had seen DJ? Acucrack. The last time I saw him was back in the early 2000s when he toured with KMFDM. They performed at once was known as The Quest (now known as Epic).

Finally was the mighty Front Line Assembly. Here is a clip of FLA that I recorded during the show.

I always have been wanting to see FLA live. One of my biggest concert-related regrets was missing out on FLA 4 years ago (I think) at Station 4. I finally was given the chance thanks to Kilted Farmer Koncerts. Their set was excellent. I was not disappointed. It was good to see the band honor its past work as well as present work.  As much as I enjoyed FLA's set that night, I have to say without regret that Dismantled ruled the night for me. I totally fed off their energy as I did when I saw Combichrist earlier this month.

The whole concert experience was very pleasant. I was smart enough to get some ear plugs because my friend Renee who went to their Milwaukee show, said that the music would be loud. I am glad I did. The moshing was pretty tame compared to the moshing done during the Combichrist's show which got out of hand at times during Combichrist's set. I wasn't bothered by it.

Next  month is Freezepop. I am so stoked. This will be my third time seeing them perform live. They really tear it as a live act. They are so much fun to watch. All the concert information on the Freezepop show can be found on the Kilted Farmer Koncerts' Facebook as well as this link.

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