Thursday, May 12, 2011

Combichrist w/iVardensphere, Star Killer and GATA at Ground Zero

Well another concert has come and gone. Last night was Combichrist's second visit to the Twin Cities in the last 12 months. This time the show was at Ground Zero put on by Kilted Farmer Koncerts. Just like last fall, Combichrist had iVardensphere tour with them (as well as Star Killer). Local metal band Gabriel and the Apocalypse also performed last night, their first show in the new year. You can see some of my photos here on this slide show I made via Photobucket.

Star Killer was an odd choice as an opening band. Their music wasn't bad but I felt the band's sound was out of place with the aggrotech sounds of Combichrist, iVardensphere's brand of industrial/IDM music, and the ferocious metal sound of GATA. I would describe Star Killer's music as sleazy, high octane rock and roll kind of like Scandinavian Cock (Andy's side project). As a live band, Star Killer sounded pretty damn good. They sounded better live than what I had heard online.

Up next was Gabriel and the Apocalypse, a local metal band. This was my 2nd time I had seen the band perform. They were excellent. Their aggressive brand of metal made me think of the band Otep. The band premiered their new song "Let Go" which is really rockin'. They will be releasing a new album sometime this summer. I will definitely be looking out for that album although I really am not much of a metal fan.

iVardensphere followed up with a killer, highly energetic set. Unfortunately they didn't have the taiko drummers with them but I hardly missed them. Everyone in the audience fed off the duo's energy. Unlike last fall, I did manage to get video footage from their set.

Finally was the almighty Combichrist. Of the three times I have seen the band live, last night's show was my favorite. The band is truly electrifying. Their albums do not do the band justice. The band has so much energy and aggression in their live performances, just listening to their albums isn't enough to experience Combichrist's music. I did get some footage but it looked pretty shitty when I was recording it so I am not sure if I will upload it on to my youtube channel.

Like last fall, I did the VFIM (very fucking important monsters). It was a lot of fun. I loved that drummer Joe Letz remembered me from the last session. The guys are great and hilarious. The camadarie among the guys was that of brothers. This time around, I made an effort to get photos with each of the other band members including their new guitarist Abbey (from Psyclon 9 and the Genitorturers). I also got my copy of  What the Fuck is Wrong With You People? signed by all the band members.

I had a ton of fun last night. Not only did I got to hang out with Combichrist again but I also mingled with my friends in the scene throughout the night. Good music, good friends, and of course good drinks.

The only aspect of last night's show I didn't care for is the moshers. Considering that my camera cost me over $200, I did not appreciate having people put my camera at risk of being knocked to the ground and broken into pieces. That would not have been cool. I'm sorry but I really don't enjoy the meatheads that moshes. After of nearly being knocked to the ground last year at the Faith and the Muse show by two super drunk meatheads, I have really come to loathe moshers.  I saw one chick start brawling with a guy after the moshing got out of hand and let me tell you this is what happens when douchebags decides to take out their aggression at concerts. Shit can get out of hand and possibly injure innocent bystanders. Thankfully no one got hurt but WTF was security when this fight broke out? I eventually had my fill of being in the audience and went to the side where I felt safe and still got a good view of Combichrist's amazing set.

So looking for to seeing Front Line Assembly over Memorial Day weekend. Looks like a kick ass line up.

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