Sunday, May 15, 2011

Shinto Records Promotional Sampler

My friends at Shinto Records (a locally based independent record label) is has started a kickstarter campaign. Here is the actual Kickstarter campaign. Oni and Zoe Sakti at Shinto Records wants to create a free sampler to include in cd orders from Shinto Records's online store. With a limited budget, they have created a Kickstarter campaign. Donations ranges from $1 to $1,000. Even if you donate a dollar, you get a free downloadable track. You can't beat that deal ;-). I have donated $5 and will be getting a sticker and five postcards. Not a bad deal. The link I posted earlier also mentions what comes with the other donation options. Even if you only donate a $1, it is a win-win deal. Please help my friends at Shinto Records. It is a great little local label that really cares about their artists and not interested in screwing them over just to make some money. It is so well worth the money. I also recommend (AGAIN) to check out Shinto Records' website.

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