Thursday, November 3, 2011

Albums I am currently listening to lately

I have been really lazy and too tired to write cd reviews as of lately. I decided to go back to my original weekly series on what I am currently listening to but slightly re-worded. So here is a list of music I am currently listening to right now and enjoying.

Javelyn: Chimaera at Heart

After the long wait for the debut album from Javelynn titled Chimaera at Heart, I finally got my copy and give it some spin time in my portable boombox. I was not disappointed. It is 39 minutes of pure electropop bliss. All of the songs have solid pop hooks and bouncy club beats. I love that Yaz is now front and center as opposed to sharing vocals with Anders in Ashbury Heights (not that there is anything wrong with that mind you. I LOVE Ashbury Heights and the work she has done with Anders). My only quibble with the album? It's too short! LOL!. Seriously though, the album totally lives up to my expectations and then some.

Hungry Lucy: Pulse of the Earth

I have to admit this is my first Hungry Lucy album. I bought this album a few weeks ago online after I listened to several tracks on youtube. I was completely taken with the lush melodies and the delicate vocals of Christa Belle. The music reminded me quite a bit of some of my favorite ambient pop groups like Delerium, Conjure One, and Sleepthief.

Necro Facility: Wintermute

I came across Wintermute by Necro Facility at the Electric Fetus 2-3 weekends ago. Along with a copy of Statik Sky's They Look to the Sky, I bought it. I was going to get the latest System Syn album but I am glad I opted for Wintermute. Wintermute has been receiving lots of spin time in my boombox and at work too. It's great to hear some synthpop that isn't overly slick and polished both musically and in the vocals. There certainly is an aggressive edge to the group's sound, almost veering into aggrotech territory.

Statik Sky: They Look to the Sky

This is the other cd I bought at the Fetus on my last visit. I was impressed that I had found a couple of groups in the electro scene that were not signed to Metropolis Records. The music on They Look to the Sky is pretty much instrumentals with some pre-recorded vocals from various samples the group used in their music. It is good stompy music to dance to however after awhile the music does get a bit repetitive to be honest. Still I do like to listen to it at work as a means to get my ass working ;).

Parralox: State of Decay

After waiting for over a month, I finally received my copy of State of Decay. So well worth the wait. I am definitely hooked on the Australian electropop group. I am often reminded of Kylie Minogue in Amii's singing but a lot less irritating. The production by John van Ahlen is steller. The beats and hooks he creates is mad crazy. Coupled with Amii's delightful vocals, the results is pure joy to listen to for this music lover. Definitely one of the best pop albums I have ever heard. I definitely plan on buying more of their music.

VNV Nation: Automatic

Love this album! "Control" for me is the weakest track on the entire album. I just didn't like the melodies or lack there of but overall I love it and I can hardly wait to hear the songs live in concert later this month.


  1. Have to check out that new Hungry Lucy album! Because I too enjoy Delerium, Conjure One a lot! D'you have the latest Conjure One already?

  2. I do have the latest Conjure One album. It is terrific. I saw them live this past spring. Definitely recommend both Exilarch (Conjure One) and the latest Hungry Lucy album.