Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Upcoming shows pt.2

Tonight not too long ago I saw on Facebook that tickets for the upcoming Gabriel and the Apocalypse show at the Triple Rock was posted. I posted a link on the FB page for The Twin Cities Underground as well as at the top of the page.

I almost forgot until now. Venus de Mars & All The Pretty Horses will be performing at the Triple Rock on December 2. You can buy tickets online here. I believe doors opens at 9pm. It is an 18+ event. Advance tickets $7/$10 at door.

BTW...I'll be out of town from tomorrow until Saturday. Folks have really shitty internet service so my time will be limited, or even none. I would rather watch paint dry than wait 5-10 minutes for one lousy page to load via their crappy dial up service far worse than AO-HELL (LOL). I'll probably will try to post one more entry tomorrow and just spam the shit out of my FB page with my favorite tunes. haha

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