Thursday, November 17, 2011

Cities 97 Sampler volume 23

Today on my short commute to work this morning, I made a detour to Target and picked up 2 copies of Cities 97 Sampler Volume 23. After seeing the track list last month for the new sampler, I decided that I should get a copy (and another one for my sister-in-law for Christmas). I admit I normally avoid the samplers like the plague because to be honest, Cities 97 caters to the hipster crowd. For me the word "hipster" is synomous with "douchebag". I can't help myself. Much to my pleasant surprise (and horror? LOL), I found myself listening to the compilation a couple of times at work today.

For those who aren't familiar with the Cities 97 Sampler series, every year local radio station Cities 97 releases a cd compilation of live in studio performances by national and local artists from the past 12 months. All proceeds goes to charity and because of this fact, only 33,000 copies of cd are printed and sold at Target in the metro area. This year the compilation sold out in about 3 hours. The Target I went to get my copies sold out in an hour and the store opens at 7am. I read online that the Target in Edina sold out of the cd in a half an hour.

The album is a mix of pop, folk, and rock. Nothing trendsettng here. The music is pretty predictable but not boring...well, for the most part. The album kicks off with the excellent Adele track "Someone Like You".

This is one of the few songs I liked on Adele's latest album 21 to be honest (the rest of the album was pretty tepid IMO). Adele's live performance at Cities 97 is better than original version in my honest opinion. I rarely say that about live music but this is one of those rare occasions. I found that the live version of "Someone Like You" exhuded a lot more emotions than in the original version.

Another great track I totally dug is The Head and Heart's "Lost in My Mind".

I love the harmonies, melodies, and music in general. It is mellow but not to mellow that it would lull me to sleep which a lot of folk music today does to me (make me sleepy).

The one song that really stood out for me on the entire album is The Civil Wars' "Poison and Wine".

The song is so beautiful, so lush and gentle. As one person said on the youtube page where I got this clip from, the song will break your heart in all the right ways.

For someone who tends to listen to industrial and synthpop on a daily basis, I really enjoyed the latest volume in Cities 97 Sampler series. There were a couple tracks that either felt out of place or just didn't like because the singer's vocals was a little more shrill than I would have liked but overall great album for various charities.

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