Tuesday, November 29, 2011

VNV Nation with Straftanz

VNV Nation with Straftanz at Station 4
What a great night I had at Station 4 last night. VNV Nation and Straftanz did not let me down one bit. I do wish that the show was held at Ground Zero. While I no longer HATE Station 4 per say, the venue feels smaller than what I am used to at GZ. Secondly I hate how divided the club is but I suppose the reason for why VNV Nation opted for a show at Station 4 over GZ is because of the audience members' age. At Ground Zero, the youngest you can be to go there is 18 while at Station 4 it is 16.

Asides from the venue and the long ass commute from Minneapolis to Saint Paul on the 94 express (and getting stuck in afternoon rush hour traffic), the evening was immensely enjoyable. Ran into a few friends. It is always good to see familiar faces at shows. Music-wise, excellent show. Straftanz blew the audience (as well as me) away. Here is a clip from their set.

Eventually I do plan on buying their album. I really like what I have heard but I have Christmas shopping to get done and I have a couple of cds that in the coming weeks.

VNV Nation once again did not disappoint me with their live show. I always love the bantering Ronan does in between songs. The song selection was not disappointing. They played a little from their past and present albums. I was giddy like a school girl because they played "Space & Time" (one of my personal favorite tracks off Automatic). I do though have to admit wished that they played "Streamline" last night but not disappointed. All in all it was a good night.

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