Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Albums I am currently listening to

Stoneburner: Songs in the Key of Arrakis

Last night I picked up a copy of the new Stoneburner album at the Ego Likeness show last night because I really liked what I had heard on youtube.

You can get a copy at this link. I definitely recommend buying it.

Blutengel: Black Symphonies: An Orchestral Journey

My copy of the new Blutengel album arrived yesterday. I freaking love it. The album is a collection of orchestral versions of a dozen Blutengel songs from the past few years. I really dig the orchestral versions of "Uber Den Horizont", "Soultaker", and "Reich Mir Die Hand". Definitely a must have for diehard Blutengel fans.

Phantogram: Eyelid Movies

Just picked this album up at the library today. I definitely need my own copy. It is a great album of dark electro-pop music. I have to admit I like this album a bit more than Voices. Just slightly.

Loreena McKennitt: The Journey So Far: The Best of

I am so glad I got this from the library because it really is pointless to buy when I have the majority of the songs on CD and the fact that there is no new material from Loreena Mckennitt. I would only recommend this album for casual listeners. The deluxe version has a bonus concert CD.

Warpaint: The Fool

This is definitely my favorite Warpaint album. The band's new album has its moments but it is nowhere as good as The Fool IMHO.

Mondtraume: Empty

Easily my favorite album of the bunch here. I can't stop listening to the album.

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