Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Nitronoise - No Cure For Apocalypse

Nitronoise is one of my new favorite bands that I have started listening to in the past year. Their 2012 debut album Total Nihilism was one of my favorite new finds in 2013. The music was everything that Combichrist’s music was in their early years but with a lot more energy and well frankly better lyrics and vocals (comparing to their last couple albums).

Last month, the Canadian band released their follow up album No Cure For Apocalypse. I can definitely say that this album does not suffer the dreaded sophomore slump/jinx. In fact No Cure For Apocalypse blows Total Nihilism out of the water. Like its predecessor, No Cure For Apocalypse hits the listener's ears with an all out frontal assault with hard-hitting dance beats and death metal-like vocals. Although death metal music, especially the vocals is not something I can listen to every day, I can make the exception with Kold's excellent vocals. His vocals are ferocious to the T. I can listen to him sing/growl every freaking day of my life. Lyrically, the album is as angry, if not angrier than Total Nihilism which fits right in with Kold's vocals. Most of the album is pretty fast and energetic but they do slow down like for "Spit It Black" which still has a menacing sound to it despite the slow beats. I really love the piano version of "Don't Be Afraid" a lot as well. What a killer way to close out the album. I will admit that there were a couple of songs on the band's previous album that I wasn't too particularly fond of but here on No Cure For Apocalypse I couldn't find a single track that made me hit the forward button. The bonus disc featuring remixes by C-Lekktor, Grendel, Blakopz, Modulate, and Rotersand to just name a few was quite good, better than I expected.

No Cure For Apocalypse will no doubt be a serious contender for my best of 2014 list. I at least listen to the album at least once a day since I got it last month in the mail. The music is highly aggressive and energetic which I look for in the aggrotech/terror EBM genre, solid hooks (in order to get and keep my attention, you really have to create music with a memorable hook and the band does it with their new album), and has compelling lyrics.

I have included a few clips from youtube that I think are worth checking out. This band is so freaking awesome :).

Track List:
01. The Revelation
02. Want Some
03. If We Stop Breeding
04. Censorshit
05. All Shall Perish
06. Spit It Black
07. Don't Be Afraid
08. Wake Up Call
09. Unchained
10. God Game
11. We Demand Better (featuring Nachtmahr)
12. Don't Be Afraid (piano re-work)

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