Friday, May 9, 2014

My Current Favorite Songs of the Week

Here is my Top 10 Current Favorite Songs of the Week.I have included a few songs from artists that are coming to down in the next few weeks (Voltaire, Ego Likeness, De/Vision, and God Module). Warning: the Voltaire track is a bit on the raunchy side ;).

01. Far From Pain by Mondtraume
02. The Love Thieves by Depeche Mode
03. Lies by Anette Olzon
04. Bullet by Uh Huh Her
05. Conversation (Club Mix) by Cosmic Armchair
06. Our Common Future by Psy'Aviah featuring Kyoko Baertson
07. Moments We Shared by De/Vision
08. Cantina by Voltaire
09. Burn Witch Burn by Ego Likeness
10. Devil's Night by God Module

I am so loving the debut album Mondtraume album Empty. One of my personal favorite tracks on the album is "Far From Pain" which features Lady Marian from Psideralica. I would love it if the song got the remix treatment. This just has remix me all over it. LOL!

Of course I had to include "Conversation" by Cosmic Armchair. What a catchy little synthpop number.

Lately I have been listening to "Our Common Future" by Psy'Aviah again. If this is any indication of what to expect from Psy'Aviah on their next album, I am so buying it.

I wish I would say that the new Uh Huh Her album is great but I can't. There are some good songs on it like "Innocence", "It's Chemical", and "Bullet" but the album starts to falter after "Bullet". "Bullet" is my current favorite song off the album.

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