Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Album Of The Week: Ego Death by The Internet

I think it has been a week since I downloaded Ego Death by the LA/Atlanta r and b/soul band The Internet. Still loving the album. Next to Psalm One's The Death of Frequent Flier, Ego Death is the only interesting new music that I have bought lately. I had decided to check The Internet out after reading about them on you guessed it...the internet. LOL! I listened to a couple of songs on youtube and found myself liking their music quite a bit. I love Syd the Kyd's voice which was what drew me to The Internet. She has such a smooth, laid back voice. My favorite tracks: "Get Away", "Just Sayin/I Tried", "Girl", and "Palace/Curse".  Great album to listen to on my morning commute to work.

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