Saturday, January 23, 2016

Music I am currently listening to

Psalm One: P.O.L.Y (Psalm One Loves You)

I have been really digging Psalm One's music lately especially her 2007 album The Death of Frequent Flier, my soundtrack on my morning commutes to work but now I am digging further into her catalog beginning with her most recent album P.O.L.Y (Psalm One Loves You). I consider Psalm One Chicago's own Lizzo with her own group Rapper Chicks (the windy city's version of Grrrl Prty). P.O.L.Y is certainly one of those albums that I needed time to grown on me. I have listened to it casually a couple of times but after getting into The Death of Frequent Flier, the latest album has grown on me. Highlight of the album: "Plenty of Wins". I absolutely Psalm One's rapid fire rapping on this track. Right now Psalm One is my favorite artist at the moment. Oh and I think it is totally badass that she used to be a bio-chemist.

The Internet: Ego Death

This is my favorite album to chill out to. I am really not a fan of r and b/soul music but I absolutely love this album and Syd the Kyd's vocals.

Lush: Spooky

Now that I have bought my ticket to the Lush show in Chicago, I have been binge listening to their music on Spotify. Spooky was my first introduction to Lush. I forgot how I discovered the band. I know I was still in high school in the '90s. Loved the album then, still love the album now. I can hardly wait for September to get her so I can see them in the windy city.

SPC ECO: Sirens and Satellites

Not exactly my favorite SPC ECO album but I still like it a lot. I definitely recommend checking out their music.

The Internet: Feel Good

I decided to check out The Internet's music today. Feel Good is okay but it definitely isn't as good as Ego Death.

Avarice in Audio: Apollo and Dionysus

Really digging the three preview tracks off the upcoming Avarice in Audio album. Definitely will be buying that album.

Helalyn Flowers: Sonic Foundation

Killer preview tracks. Also plan on buying this album when it comes out in March.

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