Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My Favorite Albums From the '90s: Karma by Delerium

So last week I started a new weekly blog series which is me discussing about one of my favorite albums from the '90s. The first in the series was Play by Moby. This week it is Karma by Delerium, another album the same former roommate of mine from my college days.

Karma was my first exposure to Delerium. It was really my first introduction to ambient related music. I remember thinking to myself how this music reminded me of Enigma but darker and with a more underground electronic sound, Enigma is more on the poppier side of electronic music. In the beginning I loved "Silence" but after hearing the song on so many compilations, it has become one of those rare songs I can't listen to any more. I have gotten sick and tired of it but the rest of Karma is still wonderful. Really love the world music influences that shines through on tracks like "Forgotten Worlds" and "Lamentation". "Lamentation" is a personal favorite track of mine with the gregorian chants, flamenco guitars, and Persian influences. Simply a beautiful track. Another favorite is "Euphoria (Firefly)" featuring Jacqui Hunt on vocals. Unlike "Lamentation", the electronic music is much more pronounced on this track. Very trip hop-ish to me.

After all these years, I still enjoy listening to Karma. The music really calms my frayed nerves after a long day at the office. Definitely one of the ten albums that has left a huge impact on me and my musical tastes.

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