Wednesday, January 13, 2016

My Favorite Albums From the '90s: Play by Moby

Now that it is the new year, I think I am going to change things up a bit on my blog to really get my creative juices flowing. I feel like I am stuck in a rut with my blog. During my morning commute to work today, I suddenly got this idea for a new weekly series on my favorite albums from the '90s (and I may eventually do the same for the '80s and '00s if all goes well with this idea). To start off this new series, I chose Play by Moby.

I spent four years living in Milwaukee, WI from '95 to '99. It wasn't until '98/'99 (in my mid '20s) when I started to get into techno music courtesy of a roommate I was living with at the time. Moby was one of a handful of artists that he got me listening to (along with Delerium, Leftfield, The Crystal Method, Future Sound of London, Junon Reactor, and The Chemical Brothers).

One day, my roommate had picked up the then new Moby album Play from the now closed Atomic Records. Brian (that was his name) would leave his stereo on playing the album non-stop. I heard the album so much that it didn't take long for me and at least one other roommate to buy our own copy of the album. Play was definitely nothing like the craptastic europop that I listened to at the time. I really enjoyed how Moby blends traditional gospel music with modern electronic music effortlessly.

Today I listened to Play at work today. After almost 17 years since its release, the  music remains as timeless to me. The album still gives me the chills as it did the first time I listened to it especially "Rushing" and "Guitar Flute and String".  Of all the albums I have heard from Moby post-Play, as good as a lot of them were none just couldn't match the staying power of Play.

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