Saturday, April 2, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

Today I just discovered the band Gold Zebra. Their self-titled album is a couple of years old but it is so worth checking out if you like synthwave/coldwave/synthpop.

The new Helalyn Flowers and Avarice in Audio albums is starting to grow on me after a few more listens. I recently bought a digital copy of the Avarice in Audio album via google play the other day.

With all the fuss over the upcoming Nina Simone movie (which I won't be seeing since all I am hearing about is the whitewashing of Nina Simone's story), I decided to start listening to her music. I do hope her estate and family would consider investing in doing a proper biopic on the late artist. Her music and life story is so compelling.

Also loving the new albums Creature by Ari Mason and New Future by Candace (formerly known as Is/Is) .

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