Saturday, April 9, 2016

Albums I Am Currently Listening to

Yesterday, I got the new Lush EP Blind Spot in the mail. I have been listening to it constantly. I think it is fantastic. I can hardly wait until September when I go see the band in Chicago. I should note Blind Spot comes out on 4/15 so less than a week so do check it out when it is unleashed on the public.

My current favorite r and b album. I got this album from the library last weekend. What a voice Goapele has! Next to Sade, I absolutely love this woman. She has definitely made a fan out of me who listens to primarily industrial, synthpop, and heavy metal.

This is another album I got from the library this weekend. Been listening the hell out of it for the past few days. I have heard other albums by Brandi but The Story is my favorite album by her.

It took awhile but I finally started to appreciate the latest album by Avarice in Audio. It is too bad Jade had to leave the band for personal reasons. I love her vocals on this album.

My latest discovery. Too bad I didn't discover them sooner. Fantastic synthwave music.

The best industrial album I have heard and loved right from the first listen in such a long time. Lately I have not been all that impressed with the industrial scene. I hate saying this but the music is starting to bore me but not the Chamaeleon album.

I haven't heard this album in long time and when I saw it at the library last weekend, I decided to get it. I forgot how good the album is, definitely will have to check out their second album whenever it comes out.

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