Saturday, April 23, 2016

Albums I am currently listening to

Since I recently started reading a biography on Nina Simone, I got this album from the library since her other albums are currently checked out by other people. I really never paid much attention to Miss Lauryn Hill until recently with her Grammy award winning album The Miseducation of Miss Lauryn Hill. I think if there was a modern day Nina Simone, Miss Lauryn Hill comes pretty close to the late singer. I have been enjoying this album immensely. It is a good soundtrack to listen to while reading her biography.

Kendrick Lamar made a fan out of me when I saw him on Noisey, a music series on Viceland. Douchebag Kanye West has nothing on Kendrick. Kendrick doesn't make an ass out of himself like Kanye West does so needless to say I had to check out his album. I will never understand how Taylor Swift's 1989 beats out Kendrick Lamar's To Pimp a Butterfly at this year's Grammys. To Pimp a Butterfly is a far more compelling album lyrically and musically. The music took awhile for me to digest but over time it just grew on me exponentially. The only thing 1989 got going for it is the production but otherwise the lyrics are terrible and Taylor Swift is not that great of a singer. From what I know, the last time a black person won Best Album of the Year Award at the Grammys was Ray Charles in 2005. #grammyssowhite is all I have to say. Music industry gotta do better than hand out major music awards to mostly white people.

One of a few CDs I got from the library this week. Common is another rapper I recently became a fan of. I honestly think hip hop/rap music can be compelling music to listen to when written in an intelligent manner and with substance, Kendrick and Common are two fine examples that hip hop/rap music is a legitimate form of music contrary to what haters say.

Psy'Aviah really can do no wrong with me. Definitely plan on buying the new album (CD version) along with the new Ayria album which just came out.

I guess a four song EP of new music is better than no new music from one of my favorite bands from the '90s. Fantastic music. Lush does not disappoint me.

My current favorite album at the moment. Just love this album by LIGHTS.

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