Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Album Of The Week: The Hating Tree by Autumn

It is Tuesday and it is time for my Album Of The Week. I actually was going to make The Hating Tree last week's Album Of The Week but that got put aside. Just as well since I have been listening to the album every day for the past several days. In fact it is my most played album at the moment. It is funny though when I first listened to The Hating Tree prior to seeing Autumn open up for Strap On Halo in August, the album really didn't do much for me. Now I listen to this album more so than Return to the Breath.

Favorite tracks: How It Came To Be This Way, Even Now, ...Of Moondrop Tears, Desert Winds of Jezebel, and Resurrection. I particularly love the ballad "...Of Moondrop Tears". I have been listening to the shit out of that song. When I am in the mood for something more upbeat, I usually turn to "How It Came to Be This Way" and "Desert Winds of Jezebel".

So if you haven't heard of Autumn or at The Hating Tree, check it out.

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