Saturday, November 5, 2016

Albums and Playlists I Am Currently Listening to


I have been on an Autumn kick lately, The Hating Tree in particular. Julie Plante's vocals is really amazing on this album. Love the lyrics too. And after this shitty day, the album is giving me a bit of comfort. Can hardly wait to see the band again in less than two weeks when they open up for UZZA at Day Block Brewing Company on 11.18.16.

Today I finally got around to listening to Ministry's With Sympathy. I am probably going to be one of of the few people who will say I prefer the work that came after With Sympathy. I wish I could like the vocals but I can't.

Just yesterday I heard some great new music, the new releases by Psy'Aviah, Rotersand, and Mondtraume. I particularly love the new Mondtraume EP Free. I absolutely love the title track. The remixes are pretty dope too. The new Psy'Aviah EP Chasing the Speed of Light is excellent. Rotersand's Capitalism TM is really good although there are a couple of weak tracks but generally I think it is worth listening to.


A couple of days ago I put together a new '80s playlist. I used to have one but I deleted it because I wasn't thrilled with the selection. My new playlist is a huge improvement. 

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