Friday, November 11, 2016

New music releases

If you are looking for some new release that might appeal to my readers.

I am a big fan of Kaia Young's work with both The Luna Sequence and Invocation Array. IA just released their new album Onyx Philomela. I have heard a few tracks so far via youtube and totally dug what I heard. Definitely will download this album sometime this weekend.

I honestly can say I am not impressed by the new Enigma album. I'll stick to their earlier music. This is just my personal opinion. I think my readers might like the album.

I am currently listening to the new Phantogram album and really liking the album so far. Damn shame I forgot about their show at First Avenue last month which ended up being a sold out show. Oh well. I did seem them back in 2014.

I haven't heard the new Sleigh Bells album yet but I will say something about it on my blog eventually.

Totally recommend checking out the new Rotersand album.<

I definitely need to listen to this album after Leonard's recent passing.

I adore the new EPs by Mondtraume and Psy'Aviah. These two never disappoints me.

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