Sunday, November 6, 2016

Office Playlist of the Week

What a shit weekend I had! I lost my phone on the bus and have to wait until this coming week to receive my replacement phone from T-Mobile. It also does not help that I am still under the weather although not as bad as earlier last week. For once I am glad that the weekend is over and another work week can begin. Some of my music picks to listen to this week at work is based on my current mood.

Aengeldust: Freakshow

Amduscia: Madness in Abyss

Autumn: The Hating Tree

Bjork: Homoegenic

Claire Voyant: Lustre

Common: Black America Again

Culture Club: Colour By Numbers

Dark Sanctuary: Exaudi Vocem Meam I

Faith and the Muse: :Ankoku Butoh:

Faithless: Reverence

Inertial: Existential

Inkubus Sukkubus: Wytches and Vampyres - The Best of

Mephisto Waltz: The Eternal Deep

Mondtraume: Free

Olive: Trickle

Peaches: Rub

Poe: Haunted

Psy'aviah: Chasing the Speed of Light

Rotersand: Capitalism TM

Velvet Acid Christ: Subconscious Landscapes

Zombie Girl: Blood, Brains, and Rock and Roll

Election 2016 Soundtrack (new playlist)

I Love the '80s

Singers/Songwriters and Everyone Else

Of Moondrop Tears: My Favorite Autumn Songs

Blood Angel: My Favorite Blutengel Songs

Futurepop Playlist

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