Tuesday, November 15, 2016

Album Of The Week: You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen

It should come as no surprise to people who know me personally that my pick for Album Of The Week this week is You Want It Darker by Leonard Cohen. I had been listening to the album 1-3 times a day since I first heard the album on Spotify last Friday.

I first heard of Leonard Cohen back in the '90s with the song "Closing Time". I became a bigger fan when Tori Amos covered his song "Famous Blue Raincoat" in concert in 2001, a month after the terrorist attacks. Her rendition was as beautiful as the original track.

When You Want It Darker was released a few weeks ago, I remember reading that this album might be his swansong and that he may be leaving this mortal coil soon. His death came to no surprise to me but still sad nevertheless. When You Want It Darker is a fitting way to say goodbye to his fans. I think it is best to let the music do the talking. Please listen to it as well as go buy a copy of the album. There are no bad tracks on the 9 track album. Don't be surprised if this album ends up at the top of my best of list when I post it in late December/early January.

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