Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Album Of The Week: Strvngers by Strvngers

Last week my friend Renee shared on Facebook the self-titled debut album by the Canadian darkwave band Strvngers. Within a matter of seconds, I was completely hooked on the band's music. Since the introduction to this band, I have been listening to the album 2-3 times a day. That is how  much I am enjoying the album. So it should come to nobody's surprise that I chose the this fantastic album of darkwave, EBM, and '80s new wave to be my Album Of The Week. I love the fusion of retro and modern music. The results is electrifying and makes my work day a lot more bearable with its infectious melodies and uptempo dance beats. Every track on Strvngers is a gem. I honestly can not pick a particular favorite track out of the songs. Check out the album. It is so worth your time.

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