Sunday, January 8, 2017

Weekly Office Playlist

Oh another work week is just around the corner but I requested this coming Friday (as well as the following Friday) off. I created a few new playlists on Spotify in the last few days. Really getting super excited about the upcoming Aesthetic Perfection show so I created a playlist for each Aesthetic Perfection and Solar Fake (this one is basically all of SF albums). If you haven't heard of Nyxx's EP, go check it out.

Ryan Adams: 1989

Adele: 25

Aesthetic Perfection: Imperfect

Autumn: Return to the Breath

Bella Morte: Exorcisms

Blaqk Audio: Material

Belinda Carlisle: The Collection

V/A: Chillout 2003

Covenant: Leaving Babylon

Delta Rae: Carry the Fire

Ego Likeness: The Compass EPs

The Foreign Resort: The American Dream

Hans Zimmer: Interstellar

In Strict Confidence: The Hardest Heart

Junksista: High Voltage Confessions

Kanga: Kanga

Kate Melankton: Melankton

Lebanon Hanover: Besides The Abyss

Ministry: Psalm 69

Nyxx: Nightmare

Angel Olsen: My Woman

Purple Fog Side: Anthology XX

Strvngers: Strvngers

Torul: Reset

White Lies: Ritual

Solar Fake Playlist

Empathy Test Playlist

Aesthetic Perfection Playlist

Assemblage 23 Playlist

KMFDM Playlist

Amaranth: My Favorite Nightwish Songs

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