Saturday, December 4, 2010

My favorite non-2010 cds

Last night I posted a blog on my favorite 2010 releases (a preliminary list mind you). I thought for the next blog entry I would list all my favorite cds that I bought and paid for  in 2010 but were release a year or more ago.

Teenage Poetry - Chandeen
Silver Shining Skies - Ashram
20 Jahre (revised) - Nena
A Violent Emotion - Aesthetic Perfection
Bloodletting - Concrete Blonde
Departures - Code 64
Sunday 8pm - Faithless
Colonisation/Fixed - Colony 5
Floodland - The Sisters of Mercy
Lunar Sea - Various Artists (compilation from Shinto Records)
Sin City - Genitorturers
Meridian - Dust of Basement
The Hit List - Joan Jett
Debris - Ayria
Elektrospektive - Anything Box
Return to the Breathe - Autumn
Strain - Flesh Field
Kingdom of Welcome Addiction - IAMX
Stripped & Stitched - Android Lust
Into the Afterglow - Gabriel & the Apocalypse
Fire in the Mist - Scarlet Slipping

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