Friday, December 31, 2010

My year in music part II

I thought I would conclude 2010 with a final blog for the year with just some final thoughts, nothing too specific. Asides from the excellent concerts I have attended the music I have been bought has been spectacular. With the most recent changes in Myspace which I have learned to despise with an immense passion, I have found myself using youtube as my source for new music. Thanks to youtube, I have really found some excellent artists that I would not have found just through Myspace alone. Here are some of my favorite songs that I found off youtube that got me to buy the artists' music:

Radium Lover by Paradoxx
Maria and the Violin's String by Ashram
The Wrong Side by Abney Park
Welcome the Still by Chandeen
Plastic World by Colony 5
Indestructible by Robyn

I credit youtube to help me find some obscure groups like Ashram and Paradoxx  that I probably wouldn't have found on Myspace alone. Paradoxx was a happy accident. On the right hand side of my blog, I have links to artists' Myspace pages. They are definitely worth checking out.

This year I have found myself enjoying synthpop and aggrotech a lot. I love the aggressive sounds of Unter Null, Suicide Commando, Nachtmahr, and Amduscia. There was a time when I really didn't understand or appreciate the harsher side of EBM but I do now. I am particularly fond of Unter Null and Suicide Commando. I relate a lot to the lyrics which are often laced with rage and venom. The harsh yet infectious beats often helps motivate me at work. To counteract the harsh sounds of my favorite aggrotech bands, I like to listen to the sweet melodic sounds of Minerve, Colony 5, Blume, Paradoxx, and old Code 64. Right now I am really digging the sounds of Minerve with their soaring lyrics and uplifting dance beats. I am also loving the sounds of the Australian synthpop group Paradoxx.

Also in 2010, I re-discovered the German pop artist Nena courtesy of her duet with Peter Heppner (ex-Wolfsheim). After that video, I started searching her music on youtube and found myself falling in love with her music both past and present. It is a shame that America didn't really give Nena a chance after her smash hit "99 Red Balloons". She had other great songs that were just as catchy as that song.

As wonderful as 2010 was for music, I am looking forward to what is to come in the new year like new music by Stray (Erica Dunham's other project) and Covenant. I can only hope that 2011 will be good to me as 2010 was both live and on cd or mp3.

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