Wednesday, December 15, 2010

My top 10 albums of 2010

Compiling this list of my 10 favorite albums of 2010 was a labor of love. I have heard a lot of great albums of 2010 but I wanted to make a list of the 10 albums that really stood out for me this year.

10. The Human Animal

I finally got around to downloading the latest album by Android Lust. The Human Animal is Shikhee's most accessible album to date. Her previous album Devour, Rise, and Take Flight was a bit caustic on my ears at time nevertheless a good album but I definitely prefer her newest effort.

09. Rise From Grey

This is one of my favorite synthpop albums of 2010. I can listen to this album without skipping a single track. All of the songs have memorable pop hooks. As much as I enjoyed the latest De/Vision album Popgefahr, Blume put a stronger synthpop album without a shadow of a doubt.

08. Dying & Falling

I have yet to hear an album by i:scintilla that I did not like. The Chicago-based band has filled the void that Curve has left with the brand of techno-infused rock with a dash of industrial music.

07. Moving On

I adore The Failure Epiphany. It is one of my all time favorite industrial albums. I think it was a smart move for Erica Dunham to make an album that did not sound like a clone of her first album. I enjoyed the diverse sounds of Moving On. I certainly heard elements of her other project Stray (especially on the second disc). I found the music complex and unpredictable in a positive way.

06. The Mechanical Renaissance

2010 has been the year for aggrotech in my book. I have really come to appreciate the harsher side of EBM. Psyborg Corp is this terrific band from Bogota, Columbia. I accidentally came across their cover of Lady Gaga's "Bad Romance" on youtube and I was immediately hooked by the band's sound. I was reminded quite a bit of my other favorite aggrotech band Suicide Commando. Their debut album The Mechanical Renaissance is highly energetic and just a lot of fun to crank up my ipod or boombox.

05. Body Talk

Last year Lady Gaga was my favorite pop singer, 2010 is Robyn. I have to admit her 2007 self-titled album did nothing for me but after hearing her single "Indestructible", I was automatically hooked. Asides from her duet with Snoop Dogg, Body Talk is fun, catchy electro-pop album. I am so looking forward to seeing Robyn in 2011 at First Avenue in February.

04. Cut & Coil

Cylab is the only industrial band that can fuse trip hop and industrial without sounding like a broken record (unlike the band Collide...sorry Collide fans). Cut & Coil is easily the band's best work to date. Percy really knows how to create some interesting, complex beats. Best example: "Skins".

03. Parity

Parity is an EP full of remixes and 3 new original songs by one of my new favorite bands in the past 2-3 years. Remixes are a hit and miss with me but the remixes for "Intentions", "Mirrored", "Kali", and "Whispers" (from their album Fragments) are really good. I really enjoy The Light Asylum remix of "Intentions". In general I like that the artists who remixed the tracks did kept the integrity of the songs intact. That is often the case with remixes but Sensuous Enemy picked the right remixers to reinterpret their music.

02. Take Cair Paramour

This is one of my most played albums on my ipod of 2010. I listen to this album incessantly. The songs are so freaking infectious and addictive. It is a damn shame that: a) record sales for this album stunk, and b) the transgressions between Out of Line and Anders led to a not so amicable split and AH is no more. Drama aside, Take Cair Paramour needs to be heard. The melodies just get stuck in your head.

01. Please

Please is my favorite 2010 release. I have been listening to this album non-stop whether on my boombox or ipod. When I listen to Minerve, I am quickly reminded of Colony 5, Blume, De/Vision, and Depeche Mode all wrapped up in one band.  The songs have a lot of energy like "Phoenix" and "Don't Ask Me Why".

Honorable Mentions:
Breedless by Ego Likeness
The Kill House EP - Syrenn
Implements of Hell by Suicide Commando
Popgefahr by De/Vision
Exhilarch by Conjure One
Living in Transition - Access Zero
Torture Garden - Various Artists (compilation from Shinto Records)

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