Friday, December 10, 2010

My least favorite albums of 2010

As good as 2010 was for music, it wasn't completely flawless for me. There were a few stinkers that I could not enjoy.

The Birthday Massacre: Pins & Needles

I really wanted to like the new TBM album but the material for me was extremely weak. I felt like I was listening to the last two studio albums that was regurgitated a hundred times over. What a disappointment Pins & Needles was for me. Not one song on the album had a strong pop hook like Walking with Strangers had which I found to be absolutely addictive.

Code 64: Trialogue

I first fell in love with Code 64 earlier this year with their second album Departure. Their third album Trialogue features a new singer. I was able to listen to the album online for free. I absolutely hated it. The new singer was whiny. The songs were totally devoid of any melodic pop hooks.

Goldfrapp: Head First

Goldfrapp has been getting on my nerves lately. Their body of work is so uneven. I loved Felt Mountain, liked Black Cherry but it failed to impress me, hated Supernature except for 2-3 songs, loved Seventh Tree, now I am back to hating Goldfrapp with Head First. "Rocket" is the only decent track on their latest effort. I will say this at least the group's music is anything but predictable and they do try to make an effort to avoid sticking to one particular sound. Too bad their latest album Head First just lacked the bounce of Black Cherry and the lushness of Felt Mountain and Seventh Tree.

BT: These Hopeful Machines

This is the most boring album I had heard all year. 2 discs which was 1 too many discs. The music was uninspiring and flat out more boring than white bread.

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