Monday, September 5, 2011

CD Reviews of the Week

Mina Harker: Bittersuess

I bought the new Mina Harker album not long ago after I first heard the track "Macht" on the new Awake the Machines compilation that I had ordered online. I really dug what I had heard so I bought Mina Harker's new album. The album Bittersuess was definitely worth the money. The music is super catchy. Mina Harker's music is classified as being electropop and most of the music does fit the category however there is a rock edge to the songs as well with the guitar heavy tracks like "Macht" and Rache Ist Suss". All the songs are sung in German but I personally don't mind. The infectious melodies and Mina's distinctive vocals makes listening to the album a lot of fun. As much fun as it is to hear Mina rock out, I also like it when she slows down a bit like on "Fort Von Mir". This is where the electropop label comes in. The music is clearly electronic.

There is a second disc included in the album featuring a couple of rare tracks, a remix (of the title track), and some live/acoustic tracks. Normally I am not wild about a bonus disc featuring live and/or remix tracks but the songs on the second disc isn't terrible. I actually enjoyed listening to the songs. Where they absolutely necessary? To be honest, no. Overall I enjoyed Bittersuess. Definitely worth my money.

Bella Morte: Before the Flood

Last week I started listening to some of Bella Morte's new album Before the Flood online. I found myself enjoying some of the songs off their new album quite a bit. I ended up acquiring a copy of their new album over the weekend. In the past I have never been all that crazy about Bella Morte's music but I find myself liking their new album a lot. The songs on the album are more melodic than what I have heard on past album. I really like how the band changes it up on "Lights in the Sky" with the additional programming, giving it a more electronic sound, a sound that I rarely heard on the few previous BM albums I had listened to. One of my personal favorite songs is the gorgeous ballad Here With Me. This is the song that convinced me that I should add it to my cd collection. My other favorite song on the album is "The Morning Sun" with its radio-friendly pop hooks. Before the Flood is a terrific album. I am glad I bought the album, let alone gave Bella Morte another chance.

Dance or Die: Nostradamnation

I really wanted to like this album but I found it to be so incredibly monotonous. Their music reminds me of Solitary Experiments and Project Pitchfork but a lot more repetitive. Oh and I saw this in the metal section of The Electric Fetus. I was like WTF?! Dance or Die is anything but metal.

Natalia Kills: Perfectionist

I first heard of Natalia Kills earlier this year when I went to see Robyn at First Avenue. Natalia Kills was one of the 2 opening acts on Robyn's American tour. Although her set was extremely short, I was immediately hooked on her brand of pop music. Fast forward several months later, Natalia Kills finally released her debut album Perfectionist on CherryTree Records. Natalia Kills may not be Bob Dylan or Tom Waits in the songwriting department. The silly lyrics is my only beef with the album like with "Free" and "Acid Annie". The album is just loaded with sugary pop hooks guaranteed to get stuck in your head. I particularly love the songs "Wonderland", "Love is a Suicide", "Mirrors", and "If I Was a God". The songs are addictive. Crack for my ears  mind you. The pop hooks are super heavy on the pop melodies. I hope as her career progresses that her lyrics improves. Only time will tell I suppose.

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