Sunday, September 18, 2011

VNV Nation - Automatic

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I must say I am really digging the new VNV Nation. I finally was able to hear the album in its entirety. I will definitely be putting a pre-order for the new album soon. I would prefer to actually buy from the band either from their website or at their concert but their website doesn't have a functioning online store and the Saint Paul show isn't until 11/28.  For me, patience is not a virtue ;). Considering my cd collection, I do buy music to show my support favorite artists and I do encourage people to do the same.

The album begins to a very good start with the track "Air", a gorgeous instrumental. It really sets the tone and mood for the album. I knew right from the start that this album is going to be EPIC. The next song "Space & Time" really kicks it up a notch. The beats, the melodies, the lyrics...they all work so well together. The song (as well as the whole album) just makes me want to dance. I will have to admit I am not all that crazy about the song "Control" as I am with, well, just about every other song on the album. The beats are good and has a ton of energy to make me want to dance however the melodies is lacking the grandeur and beauty of "Nova (Shine a Light On Me)" and "Gratitude". Asides from "Control", the album comes pretty close to being flawless in my personal opinion. I have seen quite a few VNV Nation haters on sites like Side-Line but you know what? They can kiss my goddamn ass for all I care. I'll take VNV over mainstream music nowadays. For me VNV can do no wrong, and they have once again created an album that takes my breath away with their new album Automatic.

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