Saturday, September 10, 2011

Gabriel and the Apocalypse CD release party at The Cabooze

Gabriel and the Apocalypse CD release party
So last night I went to The Cabooze for Gabriel and the Apocalypse CD release party. I had been looking forward to seeing GATA live again. Their set during the Combichrist concert back in May totally kicked ass. The band had three opening bands: Caustic Vision, Whither the Tide, and Screaming Mechanical Brain. I missed Caustic Vision's set but did catch Whither the Tide and Screaming Mechanical Brain's performances. I personally preferred Screaming Mechanical Brain's set. They were a real hoot to watch. Over the top would be putting it mildly. Also during the night, there were drawings for $50 gift certificates for Rockin' Tattoos.

As for Gabriel and the Apocalypse, they put in an excellent live set. I personally think their albums really don't do the band justice. While at the show last night, I picked up their new album New World Disaster. After hearing the songs from their previous album so many times, it is great to hear new material from GATA. As much as I like Into the Afterglow, New World Disaster is definitely a better album. Considering that tomorrow is the tenth anniversary of the terrorist attacks that occured in NYC, Washington DC, and Pennsylvania, I find it purely coincidental the timing of the release of New World Disaster with the 10th anniversary. Or maybe it isn't coincidental. Whatever the case, the raw lyrics will most likely hit home for anyone who knows someone that was seriously maimed or killed on 9/11 ten years ago. The lyrics are bleak and angst ridden. Of all the songs, the lyrics to "Silent War" is my personal favorite. The song is just bloody terrific. Good hooks, good musicianship from the band. I personally think Lindy sounds better on this album. As I have said before, I don't think the album can really do the band justice. If  you want to get an idea of the full power and aggression of GATA's music, I definitely recommend going to their shows whenever they are in town. They are one of my favorite bands to see live (whether local or national).

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